Clover Hollow Cave, VA

20 - 21 October 2001

Friday, near Hoyt's house.

Alex Egorov is getting ready for caving.

Alex Tulin prepares caving stuff.

Hoyt is getting ready for caving.

Hoyt McKagen, Dmitri Kaganovich,
and Kirk Johnson

Eugene Shkarbanov.

We are back!
Happy Hoyt is reorganizing ropes.

We are back!
Kirk and Alex Egorov.

Eugene is ascending the last feet.

Eugene's silhouette against the beautiful sky.

H. is looking down the cave..

Kirk is looking down the cave.

Boris Greenberg is ascending the last pitch.

Is it a human hand or just a claw?

A fall in the forest.

Admiral is singing and ascending :)

A Palestinian caver!

Cavers team.

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