Israel-Arab conflict: historical aspects. (5/03/2002)

After I uploaded some of my photographs of the Israel Support Rally on a Russian photographers' sight, a discussion arose under one of my pictures. I asked my virtual friend Yuriy Elkin to help me defend my point of view. As a result there was an excellent explanation of the current and historical aspects of the conflict between Israel and Arabs. Here is an excerpt of that discussion as well as several document links provided by Yuriy.

Israel's peculiar position. By Eric Hoffer (LA Times 5/26/68)

I received this article by e-mail and wanted to share it. It was written 34 years ago. Some truths never change. Eric Hoffer was a non-Jewish American social philosopher. He was born in 1902 and died in 1983, after writing nine books and winning the Presidential Medal of Freedom. His first book, The True Believer, published in 1951, was widely recognized as a classic.

Зачем евреям Израиль? Вадим РОТЕНБЕРГ (Spectr 1/2004)

Сильный не смеет вести себя как слабый - иначе спровоцированная этой слабостью агрессия - его вина...

An appeal to world society by Elena Bonner --- Here's this same article in Russian

The suicide bombers have introduced a new weapon cheap and easily transported - into the business of terrorism. And without a doubt, it will spread around the world... If there is no attempt to fight back against them, very soon the suicide bombers' attacks will spread beyond Jerusalem. Their bombs will explode on the Champs-Elysees, on Red Square, on Broadway...

Rethinking the United Nations by David Limbaugh (WorldNetDaily, May, 14 2002)

Sorry, but I've just about had my fill of the United Nations and the warped values it promotes. It is increasingly difficult to understand why the United States must continue to placate and support this misguided organization.

People-Bombs (Russian magazin "Ogonyok", Cyrillic, May 2002)

Russian reporter account about training the Palestian kids to become terrorists.

History of Israel, from 1850-present Rabbi Joseph E. Katz
Middle Eastern Political and Religious History Analyst, Brooklyn, New York

"This site is dedicated to many: to the countless thousands whose lives have been lost in Arab-Jewish conflict; to the courageous on both sides whose longing for lasting peace between Arabs and Jews transcends politics"

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