By Vladimir Kelman (May 2002)

I can see the apparent similarity in looking at different conflicts in various regions. Too many people in democratic societies have wrong feeling that they always have to support "young nations" in their efforts for independence and protest against "imperialists" countries. Often this view is not based on any facts, but is nothing else than misunderstood notion of "liberal" or "democratic" values.

I see an example of it in the unconditional support of the terrorist war of the Albanian people against the Serbians by USA and Europe. No one is willing to look at the other side to see how many Serbian people were killed by Albanian terrorists in their long and planned effort to make the "Great Albania".

I see another example of the same "liberal" view in continuing efforts of the European Nations to condemn Russia in its war against Chechen terrorists. I know what the "atmosphere" was like in Chechnya before the war began. My close relatives barely escaped from Chechnya just before terrorists took it over. They can tell many stories about how Chechens dealt with Russians, Jews and Armenians in Grozny, how they forced them to leave the city, how they took slaves from them, how they killed them. Almost no one in Europe or America wants to know about these facts. They are "democrats" :(

The war of Arabs against the state of Israel is a most indisputable example. Russia immediately forgets about its own war (much crueler) in order to condemn Israel in the "inadequate" use of the army forces against "Palestinian" guerillas. Even in United States - the well known ally of Israel - the media is always talking about casualties of Israeli anti-terrorists operations, but much less and in very different tone, about victims of Arab attacks on civilians. Europe is known for its anti-Semitism for centuries and even after the end of the fascists' dictatorship it still did not cure this disease completely. And it (as well as United States) is too dependent on Arab oil to judge this situation without pro-Arab bias.

That's why I'm trying to make my small efforts here to reinstate the truth by providing various information and links on these pages.

Vladimir Kelman, May 2002

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