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The Mountains of Russia & America
To memory of those who gone
A month mind is here around again!
    27 December, 2000
    The member of our club Konstantin Buryak got the heavy trauma when he was down skiing in Nevada. On January 4th, 2001 at 5:20 AM (Californian Time) he stopped breathing. It's not possible to find words to impress the grief of all of us who knew Kostya. He is not with us any more.

    28 June, 2000
    On June 25 on Mount Baker (WA) the rope team of two fell down. David Pougach fell into a crevasse and died instantly. Alexander Boulanov were brought to hospital by rescue team with the critical head injuries and finally died there on June 28. We shouldn't forget our friends! If you whant to help their families send email to Sergey Mikhaylov, (smikhaylov@plls.com).

    11 February, 2000
    If you know people who is involved in [organisation] of the sport activities for people with disabilities, please let me know. I've just met Russian climber in Moscow who does this generous business. Contacts with such people around the world are needed.
    3 January, 2000
    We just received the bad news. The tragedy occurred on Mount Orizaba (Mexico). Three alpinists, my friends, Vladimir Smirnov, Irina Libova, and Ilya Krasik died on the mountain.

    17 December, 1999
    This page is created.


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