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Mt. Little Tahoma & Mt. Rainier by Disappointment Cleaver.
June-July 1999.
The summit of Mt. Rainier (14411'/4393m) in June-July 1999 was planned as a very short one. That's why I decided to arrive earlier to get some acclimatization and to climb Mt. Little Tahoma (11138'/3395m) a peak of crumbling rocks located in the east shoulder of Mt. Rainier, an erosional remnant from the formerly larger Rainier volcano.  

On Friday night, June 25 Vadim Uchitel and I flew in to Seattle, where we were met by Sergey Mikhaylov, and drove directly to the mountain. Late at night, about midnight we made a turn from the 410 highway to the White River Station located on the northeast of Mt. Rainier. We put our tent in the absolute dark on the first suitable place.

The first time I saw Mount Rainier from the plain,
flying close to Seattle. Even Mount Little Tahoma 
was visible - a little hammock on the Rainier's left.


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