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There are so many willing people  
To mix these trades.  
I'm not the one of them.
The United States succeeded in resolving one of the Lenin-formulated "Kommunism building tasks" -  erasing the difference between ctiy and village. Most of the people from the East Coast live in pretty small private houses with small backyards, which make ranges along the streets. However, I prefer to live in a high rise building in a non-erased city. And, whenever there is a time to take a sip of fresh air, just spend a half-hour in a train. Everything is in the past, though. I'd like to recollect these days.
    Let's go! For the beginning, Im inviting you to see several snippets of mosaic of our life in eighties. We'll go together with the University students to harvest potatoes in Russian village and will come back to Moscow. Well take a look at the Art Gallery on Moscow Small Georgian street. Well see some tiny wonders which are surrounding us. 
Do you see someone who hangs on the high rise building's wall? It's a new way to take a pleasure and make money at the same time. 

    Or maybe you want to breathe fresh frosty air again. Just take a look at my Snow Page. It isn't a beach in Florida or Black Sea coast; it is better! 
    Now there is a spring again. You need to take some days off and start to bike. You can take a trip along the Golden Ring cities and visit Perejaslavl, Great Rostov, or Uglich. If you have five free days, you can also take the train to the Russian North and ride the bicycle 470 miles around the Onega Lake (as Russian says, it's not a big detour for the rabid dog). 
    The summer is comming and the Caucasus and the Central Asia are waiting for you. I hope, you will enjoy it for a long time.
    But on the way back it would be a real sin not to go to the antique city in the Central Asia, not to see the Old Buchara City.

This summer I was lucky to find suddenly the Russian Hiking/Climbing club (Cyrillic) here in the US and Canada. I went with them to the Mount Robson Provincial Park in Canada (British Columbia). See the whole new MOUNTAINPAGES site.
Let's say good bye, while you are browsing the Internet. I'll see you!

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All the pictures were taken 15--20 years ago using the old Russian camera called "Smena" (it was priced $7÷10) and the film of East Germany brand "Orwo". 
Scanning and recording the  Kodak Photo CD was done by ADI
You'll find valuable information about choosing an apropriate camera on Tuan's Photography Page and Photo Net (hope, you have more money, than me). 
Check the Philip Greenspun's site for information about scanning. 
All images were prepared using Adobe Photoshop and  Jasc Paint Shop Pro 

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Last updated on Tuesday, 23 June 1998